Ziddi Yaadein .. By Siddhant

Siddhant reads his own poetry, ‘Ziddi Yaadein’ with his baritone painting the dusk and dampness of a lonely evening’s rainfall.

Tumhe Kya Chaahiye Tha .. By Faisal Shamim

The agility in Faisal’s voice makes the poetry more engrossing for the listeners. He is one adept who in-spite of his mammoth skills in music, still feels and absorbs the song with innocence and humility..

Pratham Smuggler By Navneet Mishra

A fine work of satire and humor over corruption in public-administration. Navneet’s crisp and impeccable eastern accent compliments the story like nothing could have.

Badchalan .. By Preet Kamal

Badchalan’ is a touching story narrated by Preet Kamal. What could have been a more potent and just treatment to a master-piece written by Mohammed Kausen.